Community Organizer Paid Internship

An ideal internship opportunity for someone with a passion for social justice, peace, and youth advocacy, seeking experience in communications/social media and community organizing.

Truth in Recruitment is a non-profit, student advocacy group based in Santa Barbara, California. We are students, families, veterans, youth groups, teachers, social justice activists and members of faith
communities. Our goal is to help students ask the right questions about the stakes of a military career, provide non-military options for academic and professional success, inform parents of their privacy
rights, and to implement school policies limiting recruiter presence on campuses.

Interns will work with a coordinator and with student and community volunteers to:

• Assist in the establishment of a network and develop local commitment and support through outreach to community and youth groups such as: PTAs & parents organizations; community
centers; high-school and college student clubs; religious organizations; and veterans associations.

• Assemble and distribute organizing materials and sample policies.
• Help maintain our website and social media accounts.

• Develop a working list of agencies, media, and other resources to be contacted with information about regulating recruiters in schools.

• Research existing recruiter school policies and protocols in Santa Barbara County School Districts.

• Set up appointments and meet with school staff and administrators.

 ***Bilingual and bicultural applicants preferred***

Salary: $15/hour @ 4-6 hours/week for 6 months, to be paid twice a month.

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to Kate Connell,

Download Truth in Recruitment_Internship

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