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Truth in Recruitment hosted a Summit on Youth and the Military on Saturday, October 12, to provide the Santa Maria community with information about the potential effects of the Selective Service System and frequent presence of military recruiters in area junior high and high schools.
Over 50 attendees learned about changes Congress may make to the Selective Service System (SSS) that could include women having to register for the draft as young men do now. There also were presentations on the realities of military recruitment within local schools, and the issues deported veterans and their families face.
Follow this link to read more from TIR student intern Alicia.

Truth in Recruitment calls for the Abolition of the Selective Service System

UPDATE: The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service (NCMNPS) is continuing to work toward recommendations to Congress and the President on whether Selective Service System (required registration for military service) should be ended, extended to women, modified to include people with skills in special demand by the military (health care, foreign languages, tech, etc.), and/or replaced with a compulsory national service system with both military and civilian components. Read Truth in Recruitments’ statement on the SSS here.

The NCMNPS is taking public comment until December 31, 2019. Please use this link to send them your comments:



Truth in Recruitment (TIR) is a student advocacy group under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Friends (Quaker) Meeting, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our goal is to work with students, families, teachers, veterans, community organizations, and school districts to clarify the consequences of military careers, provide alternative options for students’ academic and professional success, to inform families of their children’s privacy rights, and to advocate for policies regulating recruiter presence on campuses.

If you are a student or family member, please take a look at our page Life After High School for information on ways to make a difference in your community and set yourself up for an enriching career. Also, take a look at our many resources to learn about your family’s privacy rights, and how to opt out of having your child’s information released to recruiters.

You can join our movement by sharing our message and resources with your community, becoming involved in our advocacy with public officials, volunteering for community service, or making a tax-deductible donation here.

Schools are for the education of students!

Truth in Recruitment (TIR) ​​es un grupo de defensa estudiantil bajo los auspicios de Santa Barbara Friends Meeting (Quakers), somos una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3. Nuestro objetivo es trabajar con estudiantes, familias, maestros, veteranos, organizaciones comunitarias y distritos escolares aclarar las consecuencias de las militares carreras, para proporcionar alternativas para que los estudiantes puedan tomar decisiones educadas sobre su futuro, para informar a las familias de los derechos de privacidad de sus hijos, y para abogar por las políticas que regulan la presencia del reclutador en los campus.

Truth in Recruitment se dedica a crear oportunidades de servicio comunitario para estudiantes, nuestros oradores incluyen veteranos militares para presentaciones en el aula y talleres para jóvenes, familias y organizaciones. Por favor contáctenos para más información.

Estamos financiados tanto por donaciones individuales como por donaciones de fundaciones como el Fondo de Santa Bárbara y la Fundación McCune. Contando principalmente con voluntarios, tenemos un personal valioso que proporciona la organización y la administración necesarias para este trabajo vital.