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Selective Service Registration

The Federal government requires that all men residing in the United States register with the Selective Service System (SSS) during a 60 day period that begins 30 days before their 18th birthday. Some males may feel conscientiously opposed to cooperating with draft registration.  Although it is not technically conscription, the military draft, it is a list of people who could be called up if the draft were reinstated.

Some males may feel conscientiously opposed to cooperating with draft registration. If you are a conscientious objector whose conscience allows you to register you should go to the post office and fill out the registration card. Write somewhere on the face of the card, between the lines or above your signature, “I’m opposed to participation in war in any form because of my ethical, moral, or religious beliefs,” or words to that effect. You should make a photocopy of the card before surrendering it to the postal clerk. This cannot be done if you register electronically on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, only if you register by mail with a paper/hard copy.

Transgender women are required to register. This link takes you to a Selective Service System page that describes all of those required to register.

More information on SSS registration and Conscientious Objection is available from the Center on Conscience & War, 202-483-2220 | 1830 Connecticut Ave. NW | Washington, DC 20009 |