Leave My Child Alone is a video of interviews with parents, a veteran Army enlistee and a former military recruiter. From their website, “Buried deep within the No Child Left Behind Act is a provision that requires public high schools to hand over private student information to military recruiters. The purpose of this invasion of family privacy is to allow minor students to be recruited at home by telephone calls, mail and personal visits. If a school does not comply, it risks losing vital federal education funds.”

Peace Works Travel is a Santa Barbara based organization that provides group travel programs for students, parents and educators which activate radical empathy, inspiring participants to take positive action in the world. Their program is a fun, authentic and meaningful opportunity for travelers to explore iconic places, support mission-driven organizations and distinguish themselves as globally competent. Their goal is to humanize destinations, complex world events and the solutions found in sustainable enterprise. They provide curricular-aligned itineraries that teach history, international relations, digital literacy, and social entrepreneurship as essential tools for engaged citizenship.

A Soldier’s Life: A new film of one soldier’s experience of being recruited and serving in the military from World Beyond War.

Subconscious War talks about how the military has become part of our culture.

More groups providing information on your rights regarding recruiters:

Other groups involved in peace and social justice: