A bill introduced to Congress proposes expanding the Selective Service System (SSS), mandatory registration for military conscription (the draft), to women. Supporters of the bill claim that it is a step toward equality, but we believe that the best way to promote gender equality and fairness is to free men from military conscription and end draft registration once and for all. There have been many periods in the past in which there has been no required registration. Extending coercive measures to new groups is not an expression of expanding liberty. Truth in Recruitment has been a part of a growing coalition of peace activists, experienced draft  resisters, antiwar feminists, and draft-age youth, working to oppose this bill.

Please listen to their testimonies on this one-hour webinar, hosted by CodePink, on the history, strategies, and current efforts to resist the draft.

May 15th was International Conscientious Objector Day (ICOD), a time to honor and raise awareness of those who refuse to participate in armed conflict. Kate Connell, director of Truth in Recruitment, was a panelist on an ICOD webinar detailing the current legislation proposals that will either eliminate the Selective Service System or expand it to include women.

Please watch this webinar, sponsored by the Peace Resource Center in San Diego, to learn more information on the Congressional debate.

Take action!

  • Click here to quickly email your Representative and your two Senators to urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 5492, the bill to eliminate the SSS, preserve the ability to be a conscientious objector and remove past penalties on non-registrants.
  • Talk with draft age persons and their families. Most young people are not aware that Congress is considering whether to expand the draft to women. Tell someone.

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